19 January 2010

Her name is Joy.

I would like to give a shout-out to my favorite tool in the kitchen without which many of these recipes would still be possible but far more troublesome. Three years ago for Christmas my husband bought me this fine mixer. Apparently I had begged and pleaded enough about wanting an electric stand mixer because my father also bought me a Hamilton Beach stand mixer the same year. We hid the KitchenAid so his feelings wouldn't be hurt though I'm sure he saw it at his next visit shining solo on the counter, as it is the only kitchen gadget, other then the coffee maker that is allowed to permanently reside outside the cabinets or pantry.

Often times I get something that I think I really, truly want, like a sewing machine or treadmill, just to find out after the fact that these things are not necessarily up my alley. The sewing machine and treadmill may be collecting dust but my mixer is constantly being used. I think the longer I have it the more often I find uses for it. Pizza dough, whipped cream, and pancake batter just to name a few, but the possibilities of this machine are still presenting themselves to me each and every time I open up a cookbook or food site.

I put a lot of love into maintaining this little beauty, I wash it down thoroughly each time it's used and I see the scrapes and scratches on the sides of the bowl as the memories of batches of oatmeal cookies and Chocolate Torte topping. There is no doubt that if this wonderful culinary invention should ever break she will be replaced by weeks end.

But perhaps with a Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Empire Red stand mixer.

I'd even wait two weeks for that.

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