22 January 2010

Beljavian Pure White Chocolate

This past weekend I was doing my weekly grocery shopping and I just happened to stumble across these White Chocolate Chips in the deli at Kroger. They were originally $6.99 but they were being offered, probably because no one could find them at Christmas, for only $2.99. Their sell by date isn't until August so I imagine the store just wanted to see them gone. I, of course, bought two packs. The second ingredient is Cocoa butter where as the white chips don't have anything 'cocoa' in them. Now that I finally have my white chocolate chips I want to use them for a really good recipe, any suggestions?

1 comment:

  1. I bought the same package a couple days ago. I just ate a few of them... don't you think they have a weird flavor... nothing like the white chocolate I'm used to. Any comments?


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