03 January 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcakes

This Christmas, in addition to several cookbooks, I received not one but two cupcake holders. I decided to try them both out as well as a new recipe I have been eyeing recently on allrecipes. You see I went looking for a good homemade cupcake recipe and found a homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe in which you drop unbaked, frozen cookie dough into cupcakes using a simple cake mix bought from anywhere.

On the first night I whipped up the cookie dough and stuck the balls into the freezer to freeze overnight. They looked so cozy next morning I almost felt bad disturbing them.

But I did. I decided to try out both cupcake carriers and went ahead and made two dozen yellow cake mix cupcakes and two dozen with devil food cake mix.

These cupcakes were in fact the best cupcakes ever. They were best within a few hours of being baked but we had taste testers the following day say they were the best cupcake they had ever had as well. I followed the recipe to a tee and even baked one of the cookies just to see if the cookies themselves were good...and they were. Both flavors of cake were good but most of the people who tried them agreed that the yellow cake mix made for a better overall cupcake.

One thing I will add however is that I like my cupcakes loaded with icing so I went through three tubs of icing on these four dozen cookies, three different kinds of icing. From here on out I am a Betty Crocker Rich and Creamy Milk Chocolate Icing fan. The tub says it's America's Favorite Frosting. I am not surprised.

As for the cupcake carriers themselves I have a hard time deciding which I liked better. You can bake and store your cupcakes in the Oneida cupcake carrier, but I didn't, I only stored the cupcakes in it. The Progressive cupcake carrier is a decorative stand but it collapses which makes storage nice. Overall, I'm not sure which I would choose if I had to but fortunately I don't have to. However, I think if you're looking for a carrier the Oneida is 33% cheaper than the Progressive and is just a tad less fancy.

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